Step 3: Attend a class

Attend a 3 day class - and you are on your way!

​​If you already have an existing FHV license (since December 2013) you can now upgrade to a MED/FHV UNIVERSAL LICENSE for free!

No class required.

Be iconic.  be exceptional.  be a new yorker.  GO yellow.  

Step 1: Update your driver's license

Upgrade your drivers' license easily into a chauffer's license, by paying a small fee.  If you have and FHV or chauffer's license already, skip this step and go to step 2.


​​Already have an existing FHV license since December 2013? You can now upgrade to a UNIVERSAL LICENSE for free!

Step 2: Fill out an application

Fill out a NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission application.  

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All you need is a Hack License and you can drive yellow.  Below are three easy steps for you to become yellow today!

Driver Application Form

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